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Alex Rider is the best kid spy

— feeling amazing
Ark Angel  - Anthony Horowitz

  Alex Rider is a fourteen year old british spy for M16 in Britain. He was just shot in the chest by a sniper from a enemy agence. While in the hospital he meets another boy his age named Paul Drevin, a son of russian billionaire Nikolai Drevin. Later that night a group of men named the "Force Three" eco-terrorists come to the hospital causing trouble. They'er targeting Paul to get to his father Nikolai because of his project Ark Angel. The first luxury hotel in outer space.The reason is they claim it is a danger to the environment. 




 It connects with me because I've always wanted to be a spy. Life as a spy would be amazing. It connects with the world because many kids like to imagine what it would be like to be spy.


I would recommend this book to anyone who has imagination and remembers their dream as a kid to be a spy.